The 2nd Asian Conference of Design History and Theory ACDHT 2017 Tokyo


The Journal of the Asian Conference of Design History and Theory, No.2,2017  Download (PDF:3.93MB)

Theme I : Design Theories and Ideas in Europe

Criticism of the Bauhaus Concept in the Ulm School of Design
Keisuke Takayasu
Text (PDF:328KB)
Transnational Connections for Architectural Design between Germany and Japan on the Eve of World War II
Enrique Rojo
Text (PDF:314KB)
Hannes Meyer’s Scientific Worldview and Architectural Education at the Bauhaus (1927-1930)
Hideo Tomita
Text (PDF:294KB)
City Planning and Architectural Education in the Establishment of the Academies in 18th-Century Spain
Akihiro Kashima
Text (PDF:488KB)
Towards an Interdisciplinary and Scientific Approach in Design Education :
Petr Tučný and his Applied Aesthetics
Petra Nováková
Text (PDF:322KB)
Scottish Challenge in Design Education :
The Trustees Drawing Academy’s Pedagogical Vision for Post-Union Scotland
Ariyuki Kondo
Text (PDF:837KB)
Teaching Art to the Working Class :
John Ruskin and the Meaning of “Practical” Art
Chiaki Yokoyama
Text (PDF:268KB)
An Open Design Theory for Society :
From Osker Hansen’s “Open Form” to Grzegorz Kowalski’s “Common Space, Private Space”
Akiko Kasuya
Text (PDF:139KB)
The Significance of Constructing the Social Model of Craft in Graphic Design History Narrative
Jung Hyun Kim
Text (PDF:141KB)

Theme II : Transnational Design in and around Asia

Art and Design Education in Nineteenth Century India :
British Background and Development in South Asia
Haruhiko Fujita
Text (PDF:653KB)
The Photographic Society of Japan and Photographic Enlightenment from the West
Yuki Shimizu
Text (PDF:267KB)
Kohei Sugiura and Kirti Trivedi :
Capturing Asia as Transnational in Four Dimensions
Megha Rajguru
Text (PDF:478KB)
Love-hate Relationship with National Identity and Global Influences :
A Brief Review of Design Education in the Sinophone Region
Wendy Siuyi Wong
Text (PDF:666KB)
Industrial Arts Education and Pattern Education in China’s Modern Design Education :
China’s Modern Design Education in the First Half of the 20th Century from Research on Chen Zhifo
Gong Xiaofan
Text (PDF:342KB)
Inheritance and Innovation :
Study of the Animation Character Design Education Based on the Chinese Mythology
Wen Ting, Fang / Rungtai, Lin
Text (PDF:1,087KB)
From Technological Design to Service Innovation : A Case Study of the Development of Design Education in Taiwan
Rungtai, Lin / Wen Ting, Fang / Wei, Bi
Text (PDF:696KB)