The 1st Asian Conference of Design History and Theory ACDHT 2015 Osaka


We are pleased to announce the inauguration of an international conference dealing with various design-related topics, scheduled to be held once every other year. With the cooperation of a number of related associations and academic bodies, the conference will be held in parallel with each group’s regular meetings and an annual general meeting. A specific theme will be established for each conference, and the event will be defined by its relatively small scale and lack of a general session.

Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019, we anticipate a highly productive period in design education, and the study of design history and theory throughout the world. But design education did not actually begin with the Bauhaus; there were other schools during the same era that also played a vital role.

Based on the theme of "Design Education before/after the Bauhaus," we are now accepting submissions of presented papers for the first edition of the conference (set for 2015) that deal with one of the following three strands:

  • "Design Education before the Bauhaus"
  • "Design Education in the Age of the Bauhaus"
  • "Design Education after the Bauhaus"


Potential applicants should begin by submitting a 400-word abstract. Six to eight abstracts dealing with each of the three strands will be selected based on their suitability to the overall theme and significance in terms of the specific strand. Between 18 and 20 applicants in total will then be asked to submit a complete 3,000-word English paper made up of original and substantial content by the given deadline.

Deadlines of abstract and full-paper have been changed. Please see the IMPORTANT DATES.


31 May 2015
Deadline of 400-word English Abstract
14 June 2015
Notification of the Acceptance of Abstract
9 August 2015
Deadline of 3,000-word English Full-Paper
23 August 2015
Notification of the Acceptance of Full-Paper
3-4 October 2015
Conference at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan