The 2nd Asian Conference of Design History and Theory ACDHT 2017 Tokyo

2nd Conference ACDHT 2017 Program

September 1Design Theories and Ideas in Europe



  • Guest Speaker: Prof. Dr. René Spitz, (RFH Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln)
    From Nationalism to Universalism in German Design Education: The Political Foundation of Hochschule für Gestaltung / Ulm School of Design, 1953-1968
  • Criticism of the Bauhaus Concept in the Ulm School of Design (Keisuke TAKAYASU, Osaka University, Japan)
  • Imperialism and Transnational Connections for Architectural Design between Germany and Japan in the eve of the II World War (Enrique Rojo, ETSAUN Architecture School University of Navarra, Spain)


  • Hannes Meyer's Scientific Worldview and Architectural Education at the Bauhaus (1927-1930) (Hideo TOMITA, Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan)
  • City planning and architectural education in the establishment of the Academies in 18th-century Spain (Akihiro KASHIMA, Setsunan University, Japan)
  • Towards an Interdisciplinary and Scientific Approach in Design Education: Petr Tučný and his Applied Aesthetics (Petra Nováková, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University, Czech Republic)
  • Scottish Challenge in Design Education:The Trustees Drawing Academy's pedagogical vision for post-Union Scotland(Ariyuki KONDO, Ferris University, Japan)


  • Teaching Art to the Working Class—John Ruskin and the Meaning of "Practical" Art (Chiaki YOKOYAMA, Keio University, Japan)
  • An Open Design Theory for Society: From Osker Hansen's "Open Form" to Grezegorz Kowalski's "Common Space, Private Space" (Akiko KASUYA, Kyoto City University of Art, Japan)
  • The significance of constructing the social model of craft in graphic design history narrative (Jung Hyun Kim. University of North Texas, USA)


September 2Transnational Design in and around Asia


  • Art and Design Education in Nineteen-century India: British Backgrounds and Development in South Asia(Haruhiko FUJITA, Osaka University, Japan)
  • The Photographic Society of Japan and Photographic Enlightenment from the West (Yuki SHIMIZU, Tsuda University, Japan)
  • Kohei Sugiura and Kirti Trivedi: capturing Asia as transnational in four dimensions (Megha Rajguru, University of Brighton, UK/ Yasuko SUGA, Tsuda University)
  • Love-hate relationship with national identity and global influences: A brief review of design education in the Sinophone region (Wendy Siuyi Wong, York University, Canada)


  • Industrial Arts Education and Pattern Education in China's Modern Design Education: China's Modern Design Education in the First Half of the 20th Century from Research on Chen Zhifo (Gong Xiaofan, School of Design and Art, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China)
  • Inheritance and Innovation: A Study of the Animation Character Design Education Based on the Chinese Mythology (Wen Ting Fang / Rungtai Lin, National Taiwan University of Art, Taiwan)
  • From Technological Design to Service Innovation-A Case study of the development of design education in Taiwan (Rungtai Lin /Wen Ting Fang /Wei Bi, National Taiwan University of Art, Taiwan)
  • The Historical Development and Prospect of Fashion Design Education in PRC (Christine Tsui, University of Hong Kong, China)